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New discovery as Galapagos wildlife continues to astonish!

galapagos cruise 2012 galapagos cruise 2012 galapagos cruise 2012 A rare species of Giant Tortoise thought to be extinct for over 150 years probably still exists according to studies by a Yale University team, who reached this conclusion after finding genetic traces of the turtle known as Chelonoidis elephantopus in the DNA of their hybrid offspring. Estimated to have become extinct shortly after Darwin's historic trip to the Galapagos in 1835, today, thirty of the tortoises found were less than 15 years old, which means the chances of the pure blood parents still being alive is high, as these creates can live to be over 100 years old. The genetic sampling conducted in 2000 of these tortoises led to the discovery of the genetic fingerprints that suggest that individuals of Chelonoidis elephantopus could still live on the island. Researchers now plan to discuss what can be done to send an expedition at the end of this year to look for the pure bred tortoises. Situated just off the Ecaudorian coast, The Galapagos islands may well be the ultimate getaway destination and learning experience. eWaterways are offering 4,5 and 8 day cruises to this fantastic archipelago to ensure you see as much as possible. These cruise holidays are not just about what you do in your 'time off' but also about the bigger picture; as Charles Darwin himself wrote "The natural history of this archipelago is remarkable; it seems to be a little world within itself". Each cruise itinerary will take you to a number of the islands where you can see Flamingos nesting on Floreana Island, Iguanas sunbathing on Santiago, enjoy snorkelling off the red sand island of Rabida, and get up close to turtles sea lions that are unafraid of their human visitors and are happy to continue sunbathing as you take photos. Of course the icon of every holiday photo album is the characterful blue footed booby!

eWaterways offers 4, 5 and 8 day cruises around these incredible islands on the Coral I or Coral II from just $1290 per person. These five star vessels take between 20 and 36 passengers, ensuring your experience is an intimate one. Each motor yacht is comfortably furnished, with on board hot tubs, a bar area, dining room and well appointed cabins.

The cruises are on a full board basis and depart throughout the year. Price shown does not include flights. For more information and latest availability visit eWaterways at www.ewaterways.com or call freephone 877-217-4083.

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