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Sweden Tourist Guide


Sweden is a country of rivers and lakes carved out of dramatic mountainous landscape. It has coasts on the North Sea, where the principal port city is Gothenburg, the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia which it shares with its Scandinavian neighbour, Finland. The Gota Canal waterway links Gothenburg and Stockholm, passing by thousands of small islands, small villages and lush forests, across no less than eight lakes and through numerous locks.  You can cruise on a vintage riverboat, recently renovated and modernised. The voyage takes in Sodertalje lock, the largest of many "lock staircases" on a trip that sails between two seas and along one river, three canals, eight lakes and 66 locks. You'll see the historic Stegeborg Castle and the quaint town of Trosa along the way.

The capital city, Stockholm, is built on a group of islands between Lake Maler and the Baltic Sea and boats are an everyday means of transport. The longest river is the Klar-Gata which flows into Lake Vaner and out into the North Sea at Gothenburg.

A coastal cruise in the Baltic allows you to discover some of the thousands of islands of the Stockholm archipelago, the wilderness of the Ango national park, the idyllic island of Mariehamn and other village islands on the way to Helsinki, the capital of Finland.  The Vindelälven is regarded as Sweden's national river and water-based activities dominate the city of Umeå, including canoeing, white water rafting and watching wildlife - not least the salmon that pass through the river's "salmon ladder" on the way to their spawning grounds every summer.

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