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Norway Tourist Guide


Norway is best known for its rugged coastline punctuated by fjords, the sea inlets lined by breath-taking cliffs where the mountains meet the sea. Cruising Norway?s coastal waterways is a visual feast taking in spectacular landscape and colorful coastal towns such as Bergen and Trondheim.

A summertime cruise in Norway can travel north beyond the Arctic Circle where the Sun doesn't set below the horizon - hence the nickname 'The Land of the Midnight Sun'. In Fall and Winter you can witness the Northern Lights, a natural phenomenon that produces a spectacular light-show in the night sky.

Ships are a way of life in Norway. The city of Bergen is a modern port with a traditional fish market and houses painted in bright colors lining the coast. The capital city, Oslo, lies at the head of Oslofjord and has museums devoted to the Vikings, the Kon-Tiki expedition and Norway's most famous artist, Edvard Munch. The port of Narvik was the site of a Second World War naval battle where German warships were ambushed and sunk in the narrow fjord. The city of Tromso has the world's most northerly located cathedral, designed with multiple spires to reflect the beauty of the glacier landscape. On a coastal cruise you will see clusters of houses in fishing villages that are only accessible from the sea and cruise ships are a life-line for the local communities' everyday services and supplies.

Norway's snow-capped mountains provide some of the world's best ski runs and have long been the inspiration for artists and musicians. The dense pine forests that are a big feature of the landscape are home to the mythical Trolls, ugly, devilish folk represented in dolls with big noses and long hair that are a favorite souvenir of a visit to Norway.

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