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Greece Tourist Guide


The popularity of sailing in Greece continues to grow, and there is an abundance of cruising and yachting options. Quite simply, the waters surrounding Greece offer perfect conditions for a cruise holiday.The most popular area for cruising in Greece is in the Aegean Sea, which has over 1,400 islands. Each island offers a different and memorable experience for the visitor, from the idyllic Skopelos to the vibrant nightlife on islands such as Mykonos and Paros. You can charter a yacht, or join an organized cruise on a small or large boat. The possibilities are endless, from cruising between party islands, viewing the historical sights or discovering secluded and quiet islands, where you can moor in a natural harbor, tucked amongst the cliffs.

Greece has long been a popular destination for tourists attracted by the country's beaches, sunny weather, energetic nightlife, historical sites and natural beauty. With Athens as the focal point, there is much to enjoy on the mainland, while off the country's extensive coastline and on the surrounding islands, there is a wealth of beauty and adventure. As a result, Greece is one of Europe's most popular cruising destinations.

Visitors to Greece are faced with an array of tempting choices. The mountainous mainland reaches down to pristine beaches on the coast and the Aegean Sea is dotted with idyllic islands. Athens is the centre and the soul of Greece, with its deeply embedded culture and hedonistic nightlife. Here, the comforts of modern Europe are balanced with the rich history of the ancient world. The historical and cultural heritage of the country continues to have a profound affect on the West through its literature, art and philosophy, and when standing next to the ruins of the Parthenon, overlooking Athens, it is not hard to see why.

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