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River Cruising on the Amadeus fleet

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Explore Amsterdam

Offering unforgettable voyages along Europe's most beautiful waterways, welcome aboard the impressive Amadeus fleet of river cruise vessels. Discover the most beautiful and famous cities on the rivers of the Rhine, Main, Moselle, Danube and Rhone as you cruise through fascinating landscapes.

Amadeus vessels offer exemplary standards of hospitality on board, with elegant surroundings akin to a 5 star hotel. Every cabin is spacious and bright and has its own outward facing view so you can enjoy the uninterrupted theatre of the passing scenery.

Poolisde aboard Rhapsody

Poolside aboard Amadeus Rhapsody

The onboard dining is the crowning glory of the Head Chef and each day of the cruise his carefully selected a la carte menus for lunch and dinner are composed of carefully selected dishes and local specialities and are served with regional wines to complement the meal. A substantial buffet style breakfast is provided every morning to ensure your day gets off to a great start!

Travel brings people together and you will enjoy cruising with like minded people. Share a companionable drink in the bar, a game of chess or simply sit and enjoy a conversation with your new found river cruise friends as Europe's stunning cities glide by.

The Amadeus fleet is also proud proclaim its 'Green Certification' stamp of quality as a measure of its commitment to sustainable tourism and ensuring that its activities on every river they travel on are environmentally responsible. The Amadeus fleet are: Amadeus Silver, Amadeus Brilliant, Amadeus Elegant, Amadeus Diamond, Amadeus Princess, Amadeus Royal, Amadeus Symphony, Amadeus Silver II, Amadeus Silver III and the Amadeus Rhapsody.

Rhine river cruises

'Old Father Rhine' is probably Europe's most important waterway and flows from Amsterdam in Holland to Basel in Switzerland. On a Rhine river cruise you will sail through Holland, Germany, France and Switzerland and only have had to unpack once! With the stunning Lorelei stretch of the river and the opportunity to sail on the Moselle river to the steep vineyards famed for their sweet wine, these cruises are a perfect introduction to Europe.

Ships sailing on Rhine include: Amadeus Brilliant/Amadeus Princess/Amadeus Royal/Amadeus Silver/Amadeus Silver II/Amadeus Silver III

Danube river cruises

A classic cruise on the Danube will give you a new perspective on the culture and scenery of this 'lifeblood' that cuts its way through Europe. With the stunning vistas of the Schloegener passage of the Danube, the picturesque Wachau district and the imperial cities of Vienna and Budapest on the itinerary, you will soon be entranced by the seemingly endless and diverse scenery on the riverbanks.

Ships sailing on Danube include: Amadeus Brilliant/Amadeus Elegant/Amadeus Royal/Amadeus Silver II

A River cruise on the Rhône and Sôane

The South of France is a gourmets paradise and this week long cruise on the Rhône and Sôane rivers is sure to satisfy even the hardiest of 'foodies'. Starting and finishing in the gourmet capital of Lyon, the itinerary offers such highlights as Provence and the Carmargue and of course the stunning city of Avignon, famous for its bridge and historic papal palace. Step aboard and get to know the real France on this voyage through its heartland.

Ships sailing on Rhône and Sôane include: Amadeus Symphony

Seine river cruises

Explore northern France cruising along the enchanting River Seine from the french capital, Paris. Explore the beautiful medieval cities of Rouen, Caudebec en Caux and Honfleur, the jewel of Normandy's coast.

Ships sailing along the Seine include: Amadeus Diamond

River cruise on the Rhine, Main and Danube

Crossing 2000 kilometers by river is a very special opportunity, and the Amadeus fleet of vessels provide the perfect way to do it in style, taking you from Amsterdam on the North Sea to the heart of Europe and Budapest. Set sail on the 15 day voyage and you will be crossing 5 country borders, seeing 18 cities and travelling on 3 rivers - the Rhine, the Main and the Danube.

Ships sailing on the Rhine, Main and Danube include: Amadeus Silver/Amadeus Brilliant/Amadeus Princess/Amadeus Royal

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