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Top European cruises

River Thames

eWaterways | Top European Cruises | Thames

Samuel Johnson once said, "When you're tired of London, you're tired of life." A cruise upon the Thames will only serve to further illustrate this opinion. View such landmarks as the Tower of London, the West India Docks, and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. Sail in the shadow of Westminster, Big Ben, and Canary Wharf. Straddle two hemispheres in Greenwich. As you look out at the city lights glittering in the night, you will see it's true: London is the centre of the world!

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eWaterways | Top European Cruises | Italy

Italy is the country that produced some of the world's most famous sea explorers: Columbus, Marco Polo, Amerigo Vespucci. What better place to inspire a small ship cruise to discover this country that inspired such adventurers. One of the three large peninsulas of Southern Europe, this country, rich in both culture and character, offers the perfect destination for a small cruise expedition. Spend time exploring the canals of Venice, the City of Water, where you can enjoy an evening gondola ride. Investigate ancient medieval cities, such as Padua or Verona, and view some of the earliest examples of Renaissance architecture in the world.

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eWaterways | Top European Cruises | Danube

Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava. Just a few of the cities you'll see on a cruise along the Danube, Europe's second longest river. It has been said that music becomes worse the farther it is from Vienna: make that judgment yourself as you listen to the strains of a classical piece in the Imperial City. A mere 60 kilometers from Vienna lies Bratislava, making them two of the geographically closest European capitals. Gaze in wonder as you sail right through the centre of Budapest, a conglomeration of Buda, on the West Bank of the Danube and Pest, on the East. These are just a few of the many sites along this international waterway.

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eWaterways | Top European Cruises | Seine

Dramatic chateaux, charming villages, and various historic sites are some of the highlights of small vessel cruises on the Seine. Honfluer beckons with timber homes, winding streets, and a historic harbour. Vernon boasts the home of Monet and the famous Gardens of Giverny, and you can't forget Paris, the City of Lights. In fact, the banks of the Seine in Paris are designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Click here for cruises on the River Seine

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eWaterways | Top European Cruises | Rhine

On a river that boasts more castles along its shoreline than any other in the world, you are sure to have a majestic small cruise experience. View one of the world's best collections of Dutch art, including pieces by Rembrandt and Van Gogh or see the magnificent tulips at Keukenhof Gardens in Amsterdam. Explore the wineries of Germany in picturesque small towns that exude authentic regional charm, or take a moment to appreciate the significance of historical sites, such as Nuremberg. Along the way you will pass the Lorelei, a fabled rock along the Rhine that has inspired many artists throughout history. Maybe it will be the Lorelei, or maybe just the cruise itself, but this trip is sure to leave you feeling inspired, as well...

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eWaterways | Top European Cruises | Scotland

With over 790 islands, Scotland is the ideal location for small vessel cruising. See the fabled Loch Ness and try to catch a glimpse of the infamous Nessie. Stand at the foot of the nation's highest peak, Ben Nevis. Wander in the midst of history at St. Oran's Chapel among the graves of generations of Scottish kings. Of course, one couldn't forget to participate in a whisky tasting or to have a pint at the most remote pub in the British Isles, the 'Old Forge'. Looking out at the Isle of Skye and its craggy landscape, you will see the beauty of this rugged destination and understand its mythical attraction.

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eWaterways | Top European Cruises | Douro

A cruise on the Douro will leave you which memories of beautiful architecture, historic medieval cities, and colorful Mediterranean culture you will not soon forget. Spend your days floating down the Douro, which not only provides the area with hydroelectric power, but also brings travellers to some of the region's most interesting sites. You will gain an appreciation for wine in the Douro Valley, famous for its Port wine, and dance the Flamenco in Spain. A cruise on the Douro: surely there is no better way to enjoy yourself than this.

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eWaterways | Top European Cruises | Russia

Maybe it's the spiraling architecture or the extensive art museums that make Russia a top cruise destination. It could be the storied history that surrounds visitors or the mix of urban and rural spaces that compose the nation that draws you in from the second of arrival. Being the world's largest country, Russia offers an equally vast number of attractions. No matter what the allure, a Russian cruise will give you a look at this European destination replete with culture.

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eWaterways | Top European Cruises | Ireland

A cruise along the Emerald Isle offers much more than just a getaway. It's an opportunity to explore one of the world's most beautiful destinations. Looking out at the countryside, you will see landscapes that have remained untouched for over a thousand years. Ruins of early Christian settlements, the oldest telescope in the world, and Ireland's most haunted house are just a few of the attractions waiting to be investigated. In Galway, you will be able to immerse yourself in authentic Irish culture in the centre of Gaelic Ireland. Sailing along the rolling green hills, you will certainly feel you have been blessed with the luck of the Irish with this fabulous cruise.

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eWaterways | Top European Cruises | Croatia

Blue waters, mountainous coasts, and white sandy beaches await visitors on Croatia's Dalmatian Coast. From quaint coastal towns to the bustling city of Dubrovnik, this beautiful destination offers a variety of activities for every taste. Relax by swimming or sunbathing on the beach. Whet your appetite for adventure white water rafting. You might prefer just to walk along the picturesque towns, admiring centuries-old architecture. Less busy than other Mediterranean destinations with just as much character and opportunity for fun, the Dalmatian Coast is a must-see destination.

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